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Kiara Sky BEYOND PRO Disposable Filter 70pcs

Kiara Sky BEYOND PRO Disposable Filter 70pcs

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Beyond Pro Disposable Filter 70pc

The Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Disposable Filters is designed for a maximum particle entrapment when used with the new Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Dust Collector. These filters provide a quick and easy clean up! Better yet, these filters are made from 100% biodegradable plant materials so they are insoluble in water and will automatically degrade when buried in dirt for 90 days. Buh-bye dust and hello beautiful results!

  • Disposable
  • Thick & Durable
  • Made of Natural Cotton
  • Measurements: 7.87" X 7.87"


Instructions for Use:

Start with a fresh, clean filter. Lay the filter flat on the ventilated section of the device. Work above the filter, using the device as a hand rest if desired.

The closer you are to the filter, the more it will capture. When ready to change the filter, turn off your device then fold the filter to prevent spilling.

Place the used filter in your waste basket. Replace disposable filter between each customer or as needed.

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